Congrès de la SFOPA 2023

« Auxiliaires et aligneurs »


RÉSUMÉ Treatment of impacted teeth with Invisalig Technique: prevention, biomechanics and digital treatment planning One of the most frequently impacted teeth after the third molars are the maxillary canines . The prevalence of impacted canines ranges from 1 to 2.5 per cent all over the world . Accordingly, there are several studies with large patient samples (>1000) that have investigated different diagnos- tic methods and different treatment strategies for impacted maxillary canines. A number of studies have reported that the majority of the impacted maxillary canines are palatal (85%) compared to the labial (15%). The etiology of maxillary canine impaction is multifactorial. The intraosseous orthodontic biomechanics of impacted canines’ traction can be achieved in several ways, but the anchorage method plays a crucial role in the success and guided control of the direction of canine eruption and also in usage of elastics. The goal is understand biomechanics, understand how to manage closed and open method traction principles and also elastic geometry for traction Currently, aligners can be a viable option for a variety of malocclusions, but there are few indications for impacted teeth, especially without the support of auxiliaries as miniscrews or fixed sectionals. The author define how to do diagnosis: Classify impactions and understand treatment planning nuances for impacted teeth and evaluate evidence for various traction modalities employed for impacted teeth. To treat also impacted canines properly: we ‘ll learn the periodontal considerations, protocols and prescriptions while planning staging and attachments / adjuncts during ClinCheck approvals. Instead a goal of this presentation is perusing data from a Clinical audit on aesthetics and periodontal health of disimpacted teeth as compared to normal controls. In conclusion, the author defines that using the correct guidelines to treat impacted canines with the Invisalign technique can be an effective and predictability treatment modality. This is enhanced by literature and when we have a deeper understanding of the periodontal considerations and protocols and are able to translate these into our digital treatment planning software.


La première société scientifique française dans le domaine du traitement d’alignement par gouttières thermoformées, les aligneurs.
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